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Soundtracks to movies

"Chopin meets Pink Floyd meets Explosions In The Sky"

Neoclassical post-rockers We Stood Like Kings saw the light of day in 2011. Half a decade and 120 shows all over Europe later, this 4-piece piano-based band hailing from Brussels has become a reference act in live soundtracks to silent cinema. You get the picture: We Stood Like Kings isn’t a band like any other. Since 2012 and with the utmost dedication, they breathe new life into well-chosen masterworks of the seventh art.


Three projects have shaped We Stood Like Kings’ story so far. Together, these form a vibrant trilogy portraying two empires already lost – BERLIN 1927, USSR 1926 – and a third one – USA 1982 – that seems to be running headlong towards its own destruction.


We Stood Like Kings will do anything to challenge the expected and successfully mix modern instrumental rock music with the treasures of yesterday’s cinema. Every release is another opportunity for WSLK to design new ways of blending their musical universe – now refined and textural, then epic and intense – with images of breathtaking beauty. 


New perspectives unfold as universes meet.


Signed to the high-standard German label Kapitän Platte – known for their releases of Ef, Immanu El, The Hirsch Effekt –, 

We Stood Like Kings already recorded two full-length albums both on vinyl and CD, with a third opus coming up mid-2017. 

Lovers of instrumental rock and silent cinema, beware!

Judith Hoorens - Keys

Colin Delloye - Bass

Philip Bolten - Guitar

Mathieu Waterkeyn - Drums

Alternative pop

King Child's music is a complex and forward-thinking pop, born of the encounter between a composer, Jean Prat, and the powerful and subtle voice of Quentin Hoogaert.


Jean Prat and Quentin Hoogaert meet in 2012 when Jean records the album of Leopold Tears, in which Quentin assures the lead voice.

Quentin naturally joined the Redrocks project, an alternative rock band led by Jean.


King Child is the culmination of this collaboration between Lyon and Brussels.

They compose two, carefully creating titles with elaborate construction and where the melodies are queens.

There emerges a soft and powerful music, tinged with melancholy, but whose richness leaves no room for boredom.

Quentin Hoogaert - Vocals

Jean Prat - Drums, Keys & Synths

David Kostman - Bass, Synths & Vocals

Philip Bolten - Guitars, Synths & Vocals

King Child: Desert(Live)

King Child: Meredith (Live)


King Child: 23 Février

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Jazz hip-hop

MC Richelieu, a talented rapper in search of new challenges, wants to share his lyrics in an atmosphere that combines idealism, humor, romanticism and low human instincts. For that, strong of his idea, he meets:


-The Boss, drummer combining funky spinning, concise (but wise) lyrics and huge appeal for junk food;

-The Genius, lone wolf, in love with his guitar and next master of the world incidentally;

-The Father, a friend of all time who handles blacks and whites like a charcoal, all this between philo, marathon and beatbox;

-Johnny Boy, aka June Owens, aka The Actress Studio, aka The Joker, aka the part of femininity in all of us. The part of mythomania too.

-The Rookie, the last rampart, the groove machine, the man who chained the furious lines while remaining placid.

Jeremie Zagba - Vocals

June Owens - Vocals

Valentin Wilbaux - Keys

Philip Bolten - Guitar

Pilou Barthelemy - Bass

Wilfried Manzanza - Drums

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